Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Birthday for Kararaina

Nau mai, haere mai.  E haere ana koe ki ruma tekau ma toru if you would like to hear about your tamariki progress or next steps for Wahanga Tuawha.  Whanau are welcome to come during report evening for the juniors on the 20th September 3:30 - 5:30pm.
Nga mihi.   Whaea Nicki 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

As a kura we attended The GAFE Summit in Auckland for 2 days.  It was full on, we went to 4 workshops per day, listening to and participating in presentations.  We gained some valuable insight into a lot of apps that are available on Google, plus presenters were up with the play on new apps as well. 

Tamariki had to construct a Pepeha using Rakau, then they had to practice saying and pointing to each area of their pepeha and finally use screen castify to record themselves saying it.  If they completed these tasks they had to post to their recording to their blog.

The mana is in the stone!.. Kei roto i te Whare Taonga te kohatu.  This is a huge green stone that is set in a container that has water for tamriki to sprinkle over it so they can see the tino ataahua nga tae that is within.
On the boardwalk, we went through the mangroves to the beach.  It was awesome being able to observe some of the sealife that was happening in the mudflats without actually having to stand in it.  Cool day out with Ruma Tekau ma Toru.  You dudes are the best.

Tino pai kourua, you ran your best and came up trumps, hi ho hi ho its off to Ohaeawai you two go.

And so the banners begin.  We have begun to put our banners together for our Whanau Whakaiti Olympic Games.  Tamariki have thought up their names, designed their banners and created the borders.  Unfortunately kapa haka practice is clashing, so the faithful kaiako have stepped in get the painting done.  

Kia ora Midas, if you are seeing this I hope you don't mind, I found this on my laptop.  We miss you so here is you practising your pepeha using the Rakau.  Next time perhaps you may need to use your sheet and practice saying it fluently before you record.  Hope all is well for you and your whanau.  Nga mihi nui kia koutou TeKuru raua ko Johnstone whanau.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

KWS  2016  Cross Country Team going to Ohaeawai on Thursday   -  Big thumbs up to you all!!!

Our Olympic Team for Cross Country, well done Patrick and Kenadee for placing 1st and 2nd in your age group.  Good luck at your run in Ohaeawai on Thursday, we will all be running with you in our hopes and dreams.  Go hard, go fast, go kourua.

Te Whare Taonga o Waitangi

And so the Journey begins
Ngatokimatawhoarua and her baby sister

E haere ana matou ki Te Whare Taonga o Waitangi.  
We had the most amazing time, the tour guide Kate was stupendous, she knew so much about our history and retold stories like she was there.  We were very grateful to Kate for this.  As you walk into the Whare Taonga you literally take a step back in time, you imagine yourself there, because you are basically standing exactly where others before you have stood.  It was a funny feeling. If you have an opportunity to go to this museum please do, you will get a feel for the life and times of the past and feel the tupuna inside the room, looking at you through their gaze.  An awesome experience that we  recommend to you all.  Then of course, lunch by the beach. 
Well deserved break and some kai.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016 - BFF's ForeveroAzJA?autostart=1

Matariki Maara Unit

 Matariki Maara

Wow, our tamariki were so involved in doing this, tried it in their book, but this worked sooo much better, and they even learnt why whakawehenga (division) is a pretty good strategy to know.Matariki Maara

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Matariki in Harakeke

Last week we were lucky enough to have Whaea Adelaide bring her expertise with Harakeke into our class.  We used the harakeke to make nga whetu (stars).  They were difficult to begin with, but once we had completed a few they became easier to make.  We will use these as part of our Matariki celebrations later on in the term.  I will post a sequence of how to make them tera wiki.

My name is Harmony and these are some of the stars that I made during the day.
Displaying IMG_20160519_150105.jpg
Displaying IMG_20160519_150105.jpg

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

One of our Kaiako has been looking at what interests boys and what makes it more enjoyable for them to learn, so I have included one tool that has helped our young men Patariki and Cyprus to make learning more hands on for them.  They have focussed on using We Video and Stop Motion to create a couple of scenes that they associate with (ie through media that is already widely broadcasted).


Monday, 21 March 2016

 Congratulations to Bjorn who has entered his pikitia into the Toyota Dream Car Competition.  If his picture is chosen he has the opportunity to travel to Japan to participate in the prize-giving and viewing of all other artworks entered.

Haere Ra to our little bro Matiu.  Wishing him all the best with his new kura and kainga noho.  
Marau a Kura for our Whanau Whakaiti Bilingual Unit, a work in progress
Our Marau a Kura was introduced at our Whanau Hui in Wiki 3, it is a broad outline of what we value in our Whanau Whakaiti Unit and help to mould the tamariki that leave here in Year 6.
Easter Raffle $2 per ticket, drawn on Thursday 24/3 2016 if all tickets are sold, so come check it out at school. Please support us. Fundraising for Marae Noho this year.
Great start to our year when our whole school was privileged to be welcomed onto the Navy Frigate HMS Wellington by Matt Kaio.  Our tamariki even made it to the Captains seat and the bridge of the frigate, with all the technical equipment that is used by the Navy.  Huge thanks to Matt Kaio from us.

Aye, Aye Captain River. Obviously the Captains chair was a highlight for the tamariki.  

Someone has to clean the brass.
Thank goodness for the sides, we were up really high.  Big thank you to the whanau that came to support our tamariki.  They were full of interesting questions and really enjoyed the tour as well.

Skills a plenty with Brad

We were fortunate to have an expert Hockey coach Brad pass on some awesome skills to our tamariki. Discovering that hockey is a very cool game was one of the learning outcomes.  Yay could be some up and coming hockey greats from this lot. Thanks Brad.

Monday, 22 February 2016