Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Te Whare Taonga o Waitangi

And so the Journey begins
Ngatokimatawhoarua and her baby sister

E haere ana matou ki Te Whare Taonga o Waitangi.  
We had the most amazing time, the tour guide Kate was stupendous, she knew so much about our history and retold stories like she was there.  We were very grateful to Kate for this.  As you walk into the Whare Taonga you literally take a step back in time, you imagine yourself there, because you are basically standing exactly where others before you have stood.  It was a funny feeling. If you have an opportunity to go to this museum please do, you will get a feel for the life and times of the past and feel the tupuna inside the room, looking at you through their gaze.  An awesome experience that we  recommend to you all.  Then of course, lunch by the beach. 
Well deserved break and some kai.


  1. Hi there, we are Room 21 at Owairaka District School. We really like the photos from your school trip. It made us think of the school trip we went to the Auckland Museum. They also have a waka to look at. Have you thought about taking a video when you are on a school trip. You could record yourselves telling us interesting facts about the place. If you would like to see our learning, our blogs are found on our class blog http://odsgreen.blogspot.co.nz
    From Room 21

  2. Hi,my name is May and I am a student in room 21 at Owairaka District
    school. I really like your photo's. It made me think of the trip when we went to Motat. They have a lot of interesting things there. Have you thought of making like a slide to share a lot of photo's to share. At the end of the slide you could record yourself's saying how you felt or how and what part you liked of your trip. If you like to see my learning. Here is a link to my blog. http://odsmayf.blogspot.co.nz
    From May

  3. Kia Ora room 13. My name is Dylan from Grey Main School. I really like the photos you used, it looked really fun there. Maybe you could of put a video of some of the things you did there. My school does a camp every year and I love going to the places we get to see.Did you like it there? Heoi ano taku mo Naianai (That's all for now). From Dylan.