Monday, 21 March 2016

Marau a Kura for our Whanau Whakaiti Bilingual Unit, a work in progress
Our Marau a Kura was introduced at our Whanau Hui in Wiki 3, it is a broad outline of what we value in our Whanau Whakaiti Unit and help to mould the tamariki that leave here in Year 6.


  1. Well done,
    Hi i'm cole from papakura central school i like that art it look's awesome 1 question how do you make a Marau a Kura, if you won't to visit my blog write down,

  2. Hi my name is Joshua C I study at Christ The King School and I am Room 8. I like the art it looks great! If you want to see my blog here is my blog link:

  3. Well done Room 13,I am Gaurav from papakura central school I really like your Marau a Kura. How long did it take to make the Marau a Kura? I look forward o seeing your reply.

  4. Hi my name is Kallai
    well done on your Marau a Kura
    keep up with your great work